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Effortless perfection: Your prefabricated drywall solution

Benefits of using prefabricated drywall

There are many benefits to using folded drywall profiles.  Here are a few of the main advantages.



Our prefabricated drywall profiles are the most cost effective way to increase job production and efficiency. We provide complete solutions made to order, increasing onsite performance, reducing framing requirements and saving up to 60% on finishing.

Flexible Drywall Pannels

The flexible drywall panel is a versatile product made by cutting strips through the back of the drywall. These panels can be ordered flat for onsite installation or preformed to whatever design is required on the project.

Custom Fabrication

We work with our clients to create many design solutions. From fully assembled corners to prefabricated arches we can bring any design to reality using drywall.

Castle Cut

Castle cut refers to the shape of steel decking profiles. Save time and reduce waste by ordering these strips to quickly complete the top of your wall. This also allows for completion of fire rating details without waiting for other trades to finish their work.

Why use prefabricated drywall?

Prefabricated drywall is most efficiently used on overhead profiles.  While standard wall corners are not overly time consuming, window reveals, lighting details, round or curved walls and ceilings all take a considerable amount of time to finish.  When applied correctly drywall profiles can replace the repetitive cutting, trims, plastering and sanding, all in one product.

About us

Specializing in prefabricated drywall, Parallax operates primarily in Quebec with delivery solutions available for local and long distance projects.

Having worked in the field for over 15 years, we have extensive experience in all aspects of the interior systems trade.  This expertise gives us the ability to deliver excellent quality drywall profiles and create whatever you may need.

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